It's National Customer Service Week!

7 October 2019

Knowing us and knowing you! 

It’s National Customer Service Week and if you know us at all, you already know that’s right up our street! All week, we’ll be celebrating how and why we put our customers first with insights into our incredible teams, the work we’re always doing behind the scenes to improve service and more.

Today’s theme is about knowing customers and we’re going to share some of the ways we invest in getting to know our customers in pursuit of delivering the very best service.

1. We ask questions!

Whether it’s through our amazing customer welcome or experience teams, we like to ask questions. If we know how a business works and how our customers prefer to manage their energy, we are better equipped to give amazing service. We ask questions via surveys, we have third parties engaged to make sure customers feel able to answer honestly and talk openly about how we could improve!

2. We listen!

It’s all well and good asking questions, but that is useless unless we engage and listen to what is being said. We challenge ourselves constantly to make sure all feedback is reviewed and utilised wherever possible. Our various customer-facing teams are always working on ways to improve, whether that’s improved call waiting times, more calls being answered or how quickly we can respond to a query – amazing, memorable (for all the right reasons) service is our focus.

3. We use names!

What’s in a name? For us human interaction, real people on the end of a phone is something we know our customers value and something we’re more than happy to provide. A simple yet powerful detail. Our customers know who they can speak to and can ask for a member of their team by name. This is not a call centre, we’re all trained, passionate people working in teams designed to manage and support our customers with their energy, and importantly give the power back to them through transparency and communication – and just being able to speak to a person is crucial to building trust.

Here’s Amy, our Customer Manager – she works really hard on ensuring all of our customer teams have everything they need to be the best in the business. Here’s what she had to say about the importance of putting the customer first:

‘We love our customers, and that’s exactly why we are here now, in our lovely office and at our amazing jobs. We are appreciate everything our customers bring, big or small, to help them is what we are about. We don’t just want to be the best in the industry, we want to be the best in the world. So putting them first, listening to what they are telling us, changing together is how we put them first and why its important on our journey. We are growing and learning together every day, our customers have helped shape CNG to become the way it is today – (an award winning energy supplier), they will continue to do that well into the future and that’s exactly why we put them first.’

Stay tuned for more insights into customer service at CNG, new posts everyday this week!

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