Looking back on the ELCC!

10 April 2018

As a keen industry commentator and sponsor of the event, we went along to speak to brokers, and to see what others in the industry had to say, as well as manning a stand to talk about the latest news at CNG HQ. Here were our highlights:

Martin Needham, Commercial Director

This event provided a perfect chance for us to catch up with our brokers, to get their feedback on the work that we do at CNG, and find out what kind of services and products they’d like to see us come out with in the future. This so valuable and this kind of interaction feeds into everything we do.

Having spoken to a lot of attendees at the event, it’s clear that GDPR is a big concern for them, and something that a lot of people in our industry still don’t fully understand. So, it’s vital that suppliers like CNG, that have the understanding and the expertise, can help brokers to understand what GDPR means for them.

CNG’s stand really stood out from the rest of the businesses and suppliers that were there, helping to show that we like to do things a little differently in the industry.

Matt Hall, Senior Compliance Manager and Data Protection Officer

The event was a great way for us to talk to brokers and peers, and those in attendance were really willing to listen, discuss and learn. Myself and Martin led seminars at the event, with Martin discussing security of supply, which was really thought-provoking. One of the other key discussions and the topic of my seminar, was the upcoming GDPR changes and what brokers should be doing to become compliant.

This is something that brokers are really conscious of at the moment, so they were keen to discuss how we can work together to ensure compliance and best practice. From speaking to brokers and other industry figures at the event, I think that block-chain and data and cyber security will be a big concern in the coming months, especially as the industry becomes increasingly digitalised, these will be high up on the agenda.

Rob Taylor, Business Development Manager

Events like the ELCC are invaluable for raising brand awareness, it’s always fantastic to get in front of brokers, and show them exactly what CNG are about. At CNG, we really approach these events as a great way of building relationships and showing our difference in the industry.

The seminars were a great chance to help the brokers and other attendees to learn more about the industry and the challenges and changes it’s set to face in the next year. By leading these seminars, we’re able to share our expertise, and they really help us to help our brokers.

Mike White, Business Development Manager

The CNG stand was a real hit at this year’s event and having that face to face interaction with the brokers and agents is really beneficial to us. I managed to speak to more brokers at the event than I would usually have chance to meet any other day. It’s great to speak with brokers about how business is going, and meeting new brokers to tell them about the great work that we do at CNG, and how we can work together.

Dan Sullivan, Head of Sales

The ELCC is a fantastic event, and one that we visit each year. I think for me, the highlight is being able to meet up with so many of our brokers and speak to them face to face. We work with a lot of brokers, located all across the UK, so it’s not always easy to see them quite as frequently as we’d like to, but this is the perfect opportunity to have an in-depth chat with them.

The event also gave us a perfect chance to unveil our new Powerplus brochure, which went down really well. Every broker I spoke to loved it, and this will be a really valuable tool for us as well as them.

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