Mental Health Awareness Week

15 May 2019

For many of us, work plays a major role in our lives. Whether you’re on your feet all day or sat behind a desk, it’s where we spend a significant chunk of our time and energy, and in turn, heavily influences our mental wellbeing. Here at CNG we invest a lot in making sure the space itself is uplifting, bright and fun to be in, but it doesn’t end there; we know we need to support our people directly too.

Everyone has experienced stress at some point; it can be work-related with wanting to deliver our best work, long travel and to-do lists or it can come from our personal lives where health, family and finances play a role, sometimes it’s both. We know stress can have a detrimental impact on mental health and wellbeing, especially if you have an existing mental illness, so to avoid issues like this we’re focusing on our people more than ever. We are working to create an environment where mental health struggles are met with support and security, not discredited or discriminated against.

A survey of 2,000 workers commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation in 2017 revealed that 38% of British workers wouldn’t talk openly about a mental health problem for fear it would affect their job prospects or job security. A further 17 % said they were worried they would face negative judgement from colleagues. (, 2017)

We know how important it is to protect our team by creating an open and supportive workplace where those with existing mental health issues, those at risk and the workforce as a whole feel safe and supported. As a business we have prioritised staff wellbeing with the aim to create an environment in which there is zero stigma around mental health. Not only does this benefit morale and staff retention but it also boosts productivity and creates a more united team.

Here at CNG, we pride ourselves on supporting people to become the best version of themselves – we know personal lives aren’t forgotten about at 9am and picked back up at 5.30. The wellbeing of Team CNG is a top priority, we’ve taken a proactive approach in creating an open and supportive culture through the implementation of a variety of services and processes, such as:

  • Access to support and therapy services
  • Posters around the business on stress-busting
  • Mental Health first aiders
  • Creating a bright and positive environment
  • Flexitime to cater to individuals’ work/life balance
  • Access to mindfulness courses and yoga sessions

We recently offered our team the opportunity to take part in a four week course designed to help them learn how to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. In groups of no more than eight, each of the 136 (more than half the workforce) who signed up will be provided with a workbook to measure and track their progression and experiences throughout the course.

The weekly sessions will focus on practical exercises to deepen their understanding of how mindfulness works, how it relates to them and what difference it may make in their life. These sessions include:

  • Further ‘attention training’ practices
  • Mindful Listening exercises
  • The anatomy and function of the brain
  • Perception and how we see the world
  • Understanding more about stress responses
  • Mindful leadership
  • Habits and making them ‘stick’


It’s not stopping there – we’re going to keep learning from our teams to ensure we support them as we continue to grow, making sure we have the right tools and resources in place to meet their needs.

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