Moving forward together

23 January 2019

As we look towards our 25th anniversary, we’re reminded of how far we’ve come. But, actually, we’re looking forward more than ever, because the only way to continue growing is to keep focusing on how to be the best we can be.

Like all businesses, we’ve had bumps in the road, but our commitment to having ‘a clear plan’ for our business has remained crucial. In the latest edition of Yorkshire Vision, we looked at what it means to have a plan, whilst leaving room for flexibility.

Knowing what you want needs to be accompanied with ‘why’? For example, you might want to increase your customer base, but what’s the driver? If it’s profit, your aim is actually to boost the bottom line, which you may be able to do with fewer customers and a different approach to customer service and sales, so you might need to consider better training. If it’s to match a competitor, what you’re actually aiming for are improvements in marketing, customer experience or offering.

Once you know where you want to go, you need to know how to get there. Involve your people – they’re crucial to helping you meet your goals and work every day to deliver your vision. Engage them, ask them what they think you can do to meet aims and then use their feedback. At CNG, our employees are the centre of everything we do. We’ve recently won a Customer Service Team of the Year award, and this is all because of our employees’ passion and attitude.

But, what happens if the unexpected happens? Don’t panic! Nothing is linear, there will be challenges. When this happens, regroup with your team, use their experiences, ask new questions and adjust those aims and objectives, or at least review how you can work together to overcome your blockers.

There’s no one way to do anything, so chances are, you’re never far from a solution and they usually come from within your team!

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