Nurturing the skills needed to deliver - National Customer Service Week Day Two

8 October 2019

National Customer Service Week – 2 

Ok, so how do we do it? How do we make sure we deliver a market-leading service? Well, customer service relies on so many things; it’s people, training, equipment and infrastructure and more.

Today, we’re providing a little insight into how we make sure our team has everything they need and how that translates into a service we can be proud of and one our customers can rely on (and rave about)!

Our teams: 

CNG has three teams dedicated to excellence in service: The Welcome, Experience and Customer Services teams, all of whom share responsibility for guaranteeing a positive customer journey throughout the customer lifespan. This approach means we have 34 dedicated customer experience experts and within that, we have nominated Customer Champions. Our champions visit and work alongside all customer facing operations and make sure each and every interaction is handled as effectively as possible. Learnings from across the various teams are fed back into all those taking customer calls to see what improvements could be made and ensure lots of clear objectives are set for call handling. We can’t stress enough that we do not have a call centre environment; this is a dedicated, hands on customer service desk where customers are met with highly-trained, knowledgeable and importantly passionate employees who are always in pursuit of better!

The right tools for the job: 

We know our people need the best, to do their best, which is why we’ve invested heavily in our call handling and IT systems over the last couple of years. We’ve also spent lots of time on our accreditations and this is not about box ticking to say we’ve done things, it’s about finding more and more ways to access what matters to our customers. Our work with organisations like Customer First and Investor in Customers means we can challenge ourselves and be challenged by the people who matter (both our team and those we supply energy to). This kind of feedback is invaluable and we use it to ensure we never stand still.


All professionals keep training – sporting greats don’t stop once they win a medal and the same can be said in business. We’ve won some awards, but if anything, that means we must work even harder to keep that momentum. So, we keep pushing forward. We offer training to our teams across the business, but especially here in customer service. In fact, this year, we went a step further and introduced ‘Roll in-Roll out’, which sees each Customer Experience team member (those actively on the phones) split their time with other customer service departments. We think by working across all customer operations we can ensure we’re sharing best practice and each call handler has the most complete and informed view of how to help every customer on their specific journey.

Also new for 2019, is our Team Trainer, Alice. This role is about focusing on everyone in customer experience, from these teams to wider operations. This includes everything from setting up accounts, to managing queries, direct debits and more. Everyone trained by Alice is assessed against objectives and anyone not reaching the agreed targets is retrained to ensure quality and consistency across every touch point. This is working really well so far.

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