Playing our part in Yorkshire tourism

16 August 2017

When Yorkshire Vision put leisure and tourism on the agenda, we were keen to provide our take on how this can benefit the local area, people and businesses. We’ve edited our full submission so you can find out our thoughts.

Yorkshire is no stranger to tourism. Home to some of the country’s finest music and sporting venues, we know how to draw a crowd! Our experience of this as a business is a hugely positive one; we’ve seen the benefits to our local communities and fellow businesses.

With any major event, there’s an economic boost for the area. Take the Tour de France and resulting Tour de Yorkshire for example; tourism spending increased by 45 per cent in the quarter after the Tour. When an event is a success, it spreads the ‘brand of Yorkshire’, attracting greater attention and investment in our spaces and facilities.

When services, goods and attractions are in demand, we need more people to deliver these things – so employment gets a boost too. It’s not only hospitality or retail that can appreciate the benefits of tourism and leisure activities. CNG doesn’t ‘get busier’, or feel an instant bottom-line boost just because there’s an event in town, but we benefit from playing a role in our community, supplying to some of those on the tourism ‘front line’.

Here at CNG, we have vast experience working with customers operating in the tourism and leisure industries, and it’s through working with long-standing clients such as luxury Harrogate hotel Rudding Park that we have come to understand how important it is that they receive a good, reliable service from a supplier they trust.

Energy can be one of the biggest costs for a business of this type, and therefore it is important that it is done right. By ensuring we’re reliable, easy to communicate with and providing the best possible service, they can focus on what really matters.

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