Power to our people

16 May 2018

With the recent relaunch of Yorkshire Vision, we took the opportunity to discuss something close to the heart of our business – the importance we place on our people.

From the outset, we’ve been working against the perceptions of our industry, whether that’s service standards, transparency or customer experience. We’ve made it our mission to challenge this by putting the customer at the heart of all we do, helping to redefine the utility experience.

What is it then that drives our success and helps us to counter these long-harboured perceptions? Our people. From billing to customer experience and right through the ranks, how our people learn and feel directly impacts their output. We believe that happy, well-informed/trained teams deliver a greater and more positive experience, boosting loyalty, referrals and of course, staff get to reap the rewards and contribute to business growth.

At CNG, Directors lead by example with open door policies, supportive, open communication and enthusiasm for every contribution made towards the business and its aims. When your people feel heard, free to contribute and recognised, they naturally start to feel more inclined to contribute.

We are passionate about providing diverse, engaging and sometimes out-of-the-box opportunities to help people grow within and sometimes even explore in-business alternatives to their own role/s. This occurs through a variety of courses, talks, training and more.

Yes, we offer health and safety courses for those who want them, but we also offer leadership training and even formal qualifications to those who express an interest in advancing their skills. This, and guest speakers and access to events both internally and externally provides our teams with a chance to be inspired by others, share best practice and engage with diverse roles and opportunities that ignite them and their own passions.

As a result, we’ve had people move cross-departmentally to great success; through a guest speaker, or perhaps our internal ‘Pow Wow’ (where teams learn about what is happening elsewhere in the business) CNG employees have the flexibility to embrace new skills, try new things and find the fit that best works for them. This creates engaged, excited employees who are eager to progress and feel confident in pushing their skills and boundaries. When we allow people to go slightly beyond their comfort zone, they often find new capabilities, and everyone wins.

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