Powering up businesses as doors begin to re-open

6 July 2020

In a time where businesses should be coming together to support one another through recovery, many energy suppliers have closed the door on high risk sectors, such as the hospitality and retail industry because of the challenges of Coronavirus.

The impact of Coronavirus has crept into every part of our lives. The world of business looks a very different place to what it did just a few months ago, and as many businesses begin to turn the lights on and reopen, the acid test will be those that can ride out the next few months of challenges and uncertainty as they attempt to reach the new-norm.

Hospitality, manufacturing, non-food retail and leisure are some of the hardest hit sectors and remain vulnerable. Whilst footing higher operational costs, operating at reduced capacity or facing reduced footfall, they are now falling into a deemed high-risk customer category. Energy supply is essential for most businesses, yet some suppliers in the energy industry are refusing to supply businesses in ‘high-risk’ sectors.

At CNG, we have been working hard internally and with our partners to ensure all customers feel supported as they begin the long road to recovery. Now, more than ever businesses should be coming together to support one another recover and rebuild. Throughout the pandemic we have remained operational and maintained customer service levels to ensure we were able to support vulnerable customers through this volatile period.

We will also be introducing help for customers struggling with finance applications and CBILS loans, through a partnership with Think Business Finance.

It has been a notoriously difficult time for businesses, and we have seen our customers struggle as a result of business closures and reduced income. In an extremely volatile market, businesses need stability more than ever. Since the beginning of lockdown CNG has helped support customers across all sectors and will continue to do so as they transition through the next phase. It’s about doing the right thing for everybody, and helping the economy recover.


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