Prioritising our Planet

22 April 2019

The 22nd April marks Earth Day, an annual, global event to help promote more environmental practices, across the planet we’re lucky enough to call home.

Since Earth Day’s inception in 1970, the aim has been to educate people on environmental issues and to encourage them to act to help prevent them. Earth day is all about trying to affect positive change to reduce the negative impact that we are having on the environment.

Recognised in almost 200 countries, participation varies from marching, to petitioning for change, tree planting through to local ‘clean ups’. Each Earth Day has its own particular focus, taking into account prevalent environmental issues of the moment. Following its rise into public consciousness, the focus for 2018 was plastics.

This year, the theme is ‘Protect our Species’, helping to raise awareness of all the insects and animals that are endangered due to human actions, such as deforestation, climate change and poaching.

At CNG, we’re passionate about caring for the environment, which we’ve demonstrated through a number of commitments, including our work alongside The Woodland Trust, to which our donations have enabled the planting of trees and restoration of British woodland, helping to maintain our natural environment and providing a habitat for wild animals.

As a corporate partner of the organisation, we’re thrilled to support such a worthy cause, and we have contributed a number of hours to helping to plant trees and restore and revitalise woodland in the UK.

Last year, we also received certification from The Planet Mark™ for our ongoing commitment to progress in sustainability. We’re always looking for ways we can become more environmentally conscious, so as well as recycling and reducing waste in our offices, we’re also re-evaluating the products and services we offer, in order to become more sustainable.

This Earth Day, and indeed every day, we want to encourage others to consider how they can help the environment and support the good causes that seek to make our planet a better place. We will continue playing our part and finding new ways to help our environment to thrive.

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