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24 January 2017

Sometimes, as businesses, it can seem that reports, surveys, facts and stats come and go every day of the week. However, a couple crossed our desk recently, which caught our eye in particular. You might be unsurprised to know they focused on how energy companies treated their customers.

In the most recent Which? survey into customer satisfaction in the energy sector, the Big Six fell into the lower half of the table, with smaller energy specialists climbing for willingness to offer the personal touch. Team CNG has long-championed the need to keep focus on the customer. Through ‘Power Up’ we have laid out clear communication, simplified our processes and given power back to our customers, all topped off with our (we think, unrivalled) passion for doing a great job.

The second report came from the Citizens Advice Bureau, and looked at complaints handling in the non-domestic energy sector. Now we all know that the best solution, for all, is to avoid those complaints in the first instance. But sometimes things do go wrong, and businesses should be judged on their response. We’re pleased to say that we have placed in the top three suppliers for customer complaints handling, making us the highest placing supplier that is not one of the ‘Big Six’, receiving better results than British Gas, EDF, Scottish Power and npower. The results were independently published by the Citizens Advice Bureau as part of their new non-domestic energy supplier league table.

We have a collective responsibility to change the face of the industry, to dispel the lingering negativity associated with our sector. Our efforts, combined with those of other progressive suppliers, are driving change every day. We’re able to track the positive effects of these actions in a number of ways, including our Net Promoter Score, which is well above industry average, but we also know that there is never cause to stand still.

We’re thrilled to see smaller energy firms taking the lead on this and we intend to keep driving change through excellent customer experience. This basic understanding of customers is one of the key things that separates the good from the bad, when it comes to energy supply.

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