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Is gas enough for your business?

We don’t think so. You need power too. We give you that with unbeatable customer service, refreshingly reasonable rates, accurate billing and a gas supply you can rely on. It’s all about making access to energy as simple as breathing.
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Customer Service

Your happiness is crucial to us, that’s why everything we do is dedicated to making you feel valued. We answer calls fast and solve problems faster to keep the process hassle-free and simple. You deserve great customer service, so we have a knowledgeable team of CNG people on hand to answer your questions quickly and give you the help you actually need.

Reasonable rates

The bottom line is you have a bottom line to keep sweet. We make sure our rates are as competitive as they come. And because everything is upfront and transparent, you can see where your money is going.

Accurate billing

When it comes to checking and comparing your bills, you can forget playing spot-the-difference – ours are always spot on. No more black holes for your hard-earned money to disappear into.  

We've been awarded the Investor in Customers star rating for two years in a row. It's good to know that our customers are increasingly happy to recommend our service.

Simplicity of switching

We take all the worry out of changing business gas supply. We go out of our way to put your mind at ease, making it that little bit easier for you to start benefitting from CNG business gas.  

Flexible billing

Every business faces different challenges, so our range of payment options is designed to give our customers the power to pay on their terms.

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