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Power Up with AMR and Smart Meters

We get it, you have a business to run. Submitting meter readings is the last thing on your mind (even after a reminder). Fed up of estimated bills? Uncertain of what you have actually used? Had bill shock when you receive an invoice based on actual consumption? Well fear not there is a remedy.

If you haven’t already heard, the UK government have initiated a national Advanced Meter rollout to offer all homes and businesses an Advanced installation by the end of 2020. The programme is already underway and the plan is to have over 30 million premises across Wales, Scotland and England fitted with a device. Why?

Right now, few of us understand our energy usage. By energy suppliers offering all their customers a Smart Meter, we are paving the way for a much smarter energy network that is geared towards coping with the increased demand and fluctuations of energy consumption across the UK.

What is this super sorcery Advanced Meter technology set to revolutionise energy management you ask?  Well before we explain what it does let’s get to the important stuff of why it matters to you:

  • There’s no need to submit regular meter readings anymore – Hooray! Less hassle for you and saves you time for the more important things. Win win.
  • You will receive accurate bills
  • There is greater potential to save costs and reduce overall carbon emissions
  • Installing the device causes minimal disruption to your business

It’s up to you whether you accept one, but we’re guessing it’s a bit of a no-brainer for most customers.

How does it work? AMR vs Smart


The AMR (or Automated Meter Reader) is a device usually fitted to your current meter that records how much gas passes through the meter and translates this into accurate readings showing your energy consumption. This data is passed from your business remotely to us!


The new generation of gas and electricity meters. The smart meter shows a digital reading which is automatically sent to us at least once a month; resulting in accurate bills. If you have a Domestic sized meter, you will be eligible for a SMART Meter. If you are unsure of your meter size, contact us and we can confirm this for you.

I already have a Smart Meter

If you already have a SMART Meter, well you are ahead of the game. We love that. However, if it was installed by another supplier, it may not be compatible with us, so please do get in touch today to confirm this! Luckily all meters we install will be universal should you want to move supplier (but we wouldn’t want you to of course).

How do I get one?

We are aiming to rollout in stages to ensure that everyone has been offered an installation by the end of 2020. We are working with trusted installation partners who will be in touch to arrange a time convenient for you.
I want one now! Then get in touch with our team and we will see what we can do/add you to our waiting list.

Further questions?

If we haven’t answered your query above, you can find more information on the FAQs page here.