Automated Meter
Reading (AMR)

Power up with AMR

Take complete control of your gas consumption and save money with our AMR service - simple, straightforward, digital and direct.

So, what is AMR?

An AMR unit is usually fitted on your current meter. It records your consumption and uses SMS roaming SIM technology to feed this back to a secure online portal. Accessible 24 hours a day, this portal offers you a simple and straightforward way to monitor your gas consumption with a view to saving money and energy across single and multiple sites.

Presented numerically or graphically to suit you, your consumption data is fully downloadable for use within your business. This means you get unrivalled freedom to analyse data, comparing and contrasting sites combined or individually.

Why AMR?

Our state-of-the-art AMR technology provides you with a highly accurate and detailed profile of your gas consumption. For you, that means greater potential for saving fuel, cutting your bills and reducing your overall carbon emissions.

Better Control

  • You choose the frequency of the readings
  • Track consumption over multiple sites
  • Real time, regular updates on consumption data
  • Download your data and cross compare sites/days/months

More Cost Effective

  • Accuracy - no more estimated bills
  • Easy identification of inefficiencies and wastage
  • Helps reduce carbon emissions and admin costs by ending manual readings
  • Saves you money

How does it work?

We will fit the AMR hardware on a pulse meter. If you don’t already have a pulse meter, we’ll exchange it for you. The AMR unit records how much gas passes through the meter. This info is downloaded to a central server where it is translated into readings – 48 half hourly reads. You can then access your up-to-date, accurate readings via your secure portal on this website.

AMR quick FAQs

Will I ever have to take physical readings with AMR?

No. We'll use the AMR unit to take all of your data to draw up your invoice. We may send out an engineer from time to time to check the unit’s performance and in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Will there be any downtime during installation?

Installation should cause no disruption. If, however, your current meter requires exchanging or updating to allow AMR installation, any downtime will be planned in at your convenience to have as little impact upon your business as possible.

What if my unit stops working?

If data is not being accurately downloaded we will be informed via our data centre and will arrange for an engineer to come and fix it. If there are any problems or queries you may have please call us on 01423 502 554.

If you are interested in converting to Automated Meter Reading for your natural gas supply, simply get in touch to talk to one of our highly experienced Energy Connections team.

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