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Electric Vehicle Charging

Drive your business forward with EV charge points as more vehicles turn to electric charging. Find out more about EV charge points by filling in your details, and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your options

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Our trusted partner of EV chargepoints is the UK’s leading independent supplier and installer of EV charging equipment. As an independent they’re able to provide and recommend the right chargepoint for you, being with you every step of the way from site review and planning to installation and maintenance.

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The Benefits For Your Business

Many businesses are realising the benefits, both environmentally and financially.

Improved employee and customer experience

Competitive advantage and customer appeal for those seeking EV charging facilities. Attract new customers needing an EV chargepoint or provide as added value to your customers

Reduce CO2 emissions and whole-life costs when you choose electric vehicles for you and your business compared to petrol/diesel vehicles

Electric Vehicle sales continue to soar

With an ever-growing focus on Net Zero targets set by the UK Government, businesses of all sizes are looking for ways that they can reduce their emissions, and the switch to Electric Vehicles (EV) is one that not only supports with improving environmental credentials, but can also end up saving your business money.

Benefits Of EV

Why choose EV?

  • £350 per socket

    Grants of £350 per socket available (up to 40 sockets) through the Workplace Charge Scheme

  • 0% benefit in kind tax

    0% BIK tax on Electric Vehicles for 2020-21 tax year, rising to 1% for 2021-22 and 2% for 2022-23

  • 33,431 connectors across the UK

    With 19,275 devices in 12,127 locations around the UK, worries around running out of battery doesn't need to be an issue anymore

  • 2035 ban

    The sale of new petrol and diesel cars is banned from 2035, so act now to prepare while there is support available!

  • Over 200 models

    Over 200 styles available to choose from in the UK, from economy models to high-end, there’s something for everyone

  • 158% increase

    An increase of registrations of Electric Vehicles year-on-year from 2019-20