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Solar Panel Installation

With solar panel installation, you can reduce your business' carbon footprint, as well as vastly reduce energy consumption from the grid, reducing financial overheads long term.

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As we head towards the Government’s Net Zero 2050 target, the pressure continues to increase on individuals and businesses to do more to reduce their carbon consumption and find ways to live more sustainably. Being more energy efficient often goes hand in hand with long-term financial benefits; not only from lowering your energy bill due to reduced consumption from the grid, but with options like solar panel installation there is also the potential to be able to sell excess energy back to the grid if you’re creating more energy than you consume.

  • 300kWp system

    For example, on a system installation of 300kWp

  • 285MWh annually

    This would produce 285MWh of energy per year

  • 80 tonnes of CO2

    This would save 80 tonnes of CO2 emissions

  • 3,660 trees

    Which is the equivalent of planting 3,600 trees