Sparks set to fly for the launch of our new education programme

10 June 2016

Comprising a series of engaging and exciting lesson plans and activities, Bright Sparks is set to help children get smart with energy. Designed for primary school pupils aged 7-11, the series aims to teach the basics of supply and expand the understanding of how energy is used, where it comes from, and how it can be used more responsibly.

This year, we made a commitment to ‘Power Up’ our own business, but also the wider industry, including partners, customers and the community. During the research process for the development of our new identity, a clear gap emerged in current understanding of energy, and it was traced back to a lack of engagement with energy issues at a young age. Our team decided to tackle this at its root, by working within the Harrogate school community, in the first instance, and taking our expertise into the classroom in a fun and exciting way.

Bright Sparks is a three-lesson programme which draws on superhero imagery and the powerful message of saving the world and acting for the greater good. In addition to the three lessons, Bright Sparks also includes a competition to stimulate the creativity and competitiveness of young minds. The ‘Design Your Own Superhero’ competition comes with the exciting prize of £500 worth of book vouchers for the winning school, and the opportunity for pupils’ work to be displayed in the CNG offices.

Our managing director, Jacqui Hall, said: “As a mum of three and the MD of CNG, I care deeply about both energy and education. We know learning needs to be fun and we are confident Bright Sparks is both engaging and enjoyable. These pupils are the next generation of energy users, and this programme ensures they get excited about energy while learning its vital role in their lives as they grow.”

The Bright Sparks programme is being launched exclusively to Harrogate schools at this stage, and we’ve got big plans to roll it out in the coming months, expanding opportunities nationally for young people to get to grips with exploring energy in the classroom and beyond.

Interested schools can find out more by contacting our Bright Sparks co-ordinator, Fae Oates, at

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