TELCAs 2019

2 July 2019

We’re proud to have been a sponsor of the TELCAs again for 2019; there’s just something really exciting about watching our industry come together to celebrate what it is to stand out and be good at what it does (and let’s face it, we also love a good party!)

It’s a no-brainer for us to want to support awards like these, because the only way we can turn this industry on its head, is by challenging ourselves and our peers to be better! Naturally we sponsored the Best Customer Service for SMEs category – what else?

Let’s give a resounding congrats to all the shortlisted companies, but a special mention to all of this year’s winners, especially Utility Bidder – the team took home our category’s award, as well as the Consultancy of the Year Award!

Awards always make us think – what does ‘good’ look like? For us, we think to see what ‘good’ is, you need to look past all the buzzwords and look for buy in, passion and well – evidence! It’s easy for businesses to just do enough to fulfil their obligations, but we think that nothing short of WOW is enough – that’s why we made it one of our values.

Awards are a great way to benchmark yourself. You need to be able to explore and explain how the decisions you’ve made have made an impact on your people, your customers, the industry and when you throw a whole load of energy suppliers, partners and brokers together, it shines a light on those who are going above and beyond. We all need to work to change perceptions of this sector, so it’s always a great pleasure to see so many people committed to working towards that.

Good means doing more than you must, not because you should, but because you can (and want to) – as well as understanding why that matters. Not seeing going above and beyond as box to tick, but caring about the benefits to others.

You can check out some of our updates from the night here.

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