The importance of giving back

16 July 2018

In the latest edition of Yorkshire Vision, we talk about the importance of supporting charities, organisations and businesses throughout the community. Whether it’s funding, advice, mentoring, or an opportunity to gain experience, it all helps.

We could all easily be consumed by the tasks we have in front of us, the goals we’re aiming to meet, and of course, profit. As a business, we can’t pretend those things don’t matter; we have employees to pay and clients and customers who rely on us, but there’s more to being ‘great’ in business than just doing our jobs.

We believe supporting the local community and other organisations is vital, and those who can help, should. This isn’t just a CSR box-ticking exercise, this is listening to what matters to customers, employees and stakeholders and what’s happening in the world and ensuring we set an example. This is important, not just from a relationship building perspective, but because the challenges facing others may well reach us, our employees or suppliers.

We were recently contacted by a local school that wanted to talk to us about the challenges they face in light of budget constraints. Like many businesses, if our infrastructure is no longer suitable, we invest, gear up and ensure our people have what they need to do their jobs; schools are a prime example of a situation where this isn’t always possible.

The purpose of our schools is to set up our children for their future, giving them the tools needed to enter the world of work, but without the necessary resources and funding, is this really possible? We’re helping this school because we’re fortunate enough to be able to, but more so because these pupils represent the future of great business in this region. How can we expect to keep Yorkshire flourishing if we are not able to provide our next business leaders with the skills and materials to take the baton?

There are many ways to use our powers for good; this doesn’t necessarily mean financial support. Consider what you can offer. This could be education; using our skills and knowledge to help others; perhaps you can support other, smaller businesses with getting off the ground? Can you impart wisdom from your experience to help them avoid common pitfalls? Maybe just open places for work experiences or even better, apprenticeships.

Supporting schools, charities, and even other businesses improves the landscape for everyone and over time, we all reap the rewards of a collaborative, inclusive approach. 

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